8 May – 26 May 2007: Kate Hendry + Clair Dougherty – Box Folly


Clair Dougherty

Gallery 1

Wardrobes, chests, caskets and trunks provide us with order, secrecy, privacy and solidity. One can spend a lifetime searching for the perfect box in which to conceal ones experiences. It may be incredibly ornate or inconspicuously plain. It may be carefully crafted, inlaid with onyx and lined with plush velvet.

The ultimate and final box, the coffin, is often chosen by someone other than the person it contains. The chooser will possibly select a box that best represents the person it encapsulates.


Kate Hendry

Through large scale sculptures Dougherty and Hendry have investigated the intimacy of the box, the nature of its contents and its relationship to the viewer / holder of the box. The exterior and the interior spaces of Dougherty’s and Hendry’s objects are potent with memory.  Dougherty’s furniture opens and invites where Hendry’s sculptures may disallow entry. The interaction between the viewer and the container is intensely intimate. Where Dougherty and Hendry have provided the box, the viewer brings the contents.

Clair Dougherty is a Melbourne furniture maker. Having graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts, Kate Hendry has exhibited extensively throughout Victoria.