8 May – 26 May 2007: Daniel Armstrong + Melinda Capp – Dark Light

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Daniel Armstrong

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The desire to find shapes and patterns in the stars of the night sky is ancient in origin. Such visualisations infer a modeling of the universe which is now the domain of contemporary cosmology.

Daniel Armstrong takes astronomical images of the southern sky. From these images each star is individually selected and mapped into grid like alignments and symmetrical shapes. The images present an optical play between structure and mapping.


Melinda Capp

Contrasting with Armstrong’s investigation into light, Melinda Capp focuses on the transient shapes of shadows; the negative spaces defined by light.  Sections of shadows are over laid, juxtaposed and collaged together to create shapes and patterns that allude to being part of a greater whole. Shadows appear and migrate over surfaces, then fade and disappear as the sun makes its journey across the sky. The ephemeral state of shadows adds to their fragility and temporal place in time.

Melinda Capp has exhibited extensively throughout Melbourne. Daniel Armstrong is currently completing his PhD at RMIT and lecturing in Photo media at Deakin University.