8 July – 25 July 2009: Marita Kelly – Folded Editions

Marita Kelly

This exhibition brings together printed collages and wearable art works to explore ideas of folding, collection, layering and chance. Kelly’s most recent series of large and small-scale printed collages are composed of textured and printed papers, printing inks, oil paint, stencils and linos on paper. The process involves the preparation of multiple plates with stencils and lino in a range of coloured inks, layered into elegantly abstract designs. Layering is a key characteristic of the exhibition as a whole, and is highlighted through her use of ghost prints. Bringing the viewer in and out of the work and reading from top to bottom are key compositional tactics, not unlike those of  Japanese calligraphy.

Graduation_Marita Kelly

The shapes, colours and patterns of the prints are echoed in the composition of Kelly’s wearable art works. Inspired by traditional Japanese folding techniques such as those used in origami and Japanese obi, these highly original fashion objects are  crafted from exquisite vintage fabrics, found objects, buttons and buckles. They are designed to be folded, looped and tied by the wearer into scarves, cravats or neck-ties.

Marita Kelly is a Melbourne-based artist with a background in print-making and fashion. This is her fifth solo exhibition.