7 November – November 25 2006: Sophie Knezic – Swatch


Gallery 3

The lure of pattern lies behind these works on paper by artist Sophie Knezic. Segments of pattern samples are the point of departure for delicate pencil, gouache and watercolour drawings that mimic the format of textile swatch books.

Inspired primarily from pre-20th century Japanese textile traditions, the drawings respond in particular to the textile patterns comprised of a repeating field of small motifs known askomon. Examples of komon evident in Japanese textile imagery, such as schematic images of rippling water, falling wisteria petals, dew on grass or unopened blossoms, are used by the artist as a point of departure for new pattern works that gently distort these original designs and rework them into a heightened palette of vivid colour. In the horizontality and smallness of scale, two sheet format, and faux embroidery mark-making, the works are suggestive of both cloth samples and open pattern books.

Alongside the traditional Japanese motifs are schematic and simplified landscape architectural drawings. Composed into similar fields of reduced motifs, the forms are filtered through an imaginary Japanese textile process and reconstituted into komon. Some of these forms are distinct, others are faint traces, yet all combine into linear patterns creating a gauzy form of pictorial space.

Patterns, gardens, swatches and maps coalesce into miniature fields of undulating rhythms, engaged in a play of repetition and dissolve.

Sophie Knezic is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art at the Victoria College of the Arts.