7 November – November 25 2006: Julie Keating – So Brave, So Bold, So Desolate


Gallery 2

Julie Keating’s slow cool world of blue is an errie place.  It is a world drowned, but not dead.

Keating marries the incongruous by presenting the inorganic forms of industrial pipes and refuse within the all-encompassing and accepting sea. We are not sure what part people play in this world but it is a much less powerful role than that of the original creators of these structures

In this place, the weight of the water slows us down, represses our ability to move and think and yet seems to offer us a clarity of vision. The industrial structures stand monument to all our sophisticated skills in engineering, both social and economic, but they are dwarfed by the forces of Nature in this new environment.

Time is incidental here and one could almost expect the canvas to slip slowly down the wall and settle, quietly, at the bottom of the gallery.