7 November – 25 November: Anne Hastie & Xiao Yu Bai – Beyond


Opening Wednesday 7th November, 6-8pm

Annie Hastie

A long-term artist in residence at Red Gate Gallery (Beijing), Hastie works through ‘imagined’ and abstracted landscapes, ‘aerial perspectives and microscopic views’. The skeins and coagulations of water-based ink from a chance brush impression suggest tree-top canopy, before promptly switching likeness to a foreshore and swirling sediment.

Xiao Yu Bai

Yu Bai takes the Chinese philosophical concepts of Tao Qi and The Theory of Three Levels as central points of ontology, bridging them with Western mark-making methods (graphite, acrylic) in a synthesis of culture and place. While on first impression the artist’s works resemble elemental object studies and evocations of nature, she encourages an ‘unhurried viewing’, to stand before in contemplative calm. Her works on interstellar dust clouds and solar entities reward this type of viewing.

The artist was a two-times recipient in the Siemans Prize pool (Postgraduate Scholarship and Acquisition Prize) in 2011 – with works in the collections of Redland Gallery, MARS Melbourne Art Rooms, the Landcom, Siemans and private.