7 November – 25 November: Alfred Liu & Yumemi Hiraki – Momentary Stillness


Opening Wednesday 7th November, 6-8pm

Momentary Stillness is a collaborative exhibition between Yumemi Hiraki and Alfred Liu.

Exploring fleeting memories of landscape and place, Yumemi Hiraki and Alfred Liu recall and articulate the places of their past through painting, drawing and spatial installation.

Using emotion as narrative, Yumemi Hiraki’s installation retrace her relationship to the ‘Setonaikai’, the inland sea of Japan, recreating a tactile representation of her personal dreamscape.

“As time passes we may encapsulate memories, only withholding a snapshot of that reality. Our impressions are dynamic, coming and going, disappearing and resurfacing. “ 

Exploring this same idea through painting and drawing, Alfred Liu’s work focuses on the memories of his childhood places of fantasy, reality and certain events that come back to haunt then fade away leaving a sense of melancholy and fondness.

Enveloped in nostalgia and yearning for a place that perhaps never was, both artists share their personal accounts while offering a place of intimate reflection.