7 July – 25 July 2004: MUFF Kunst! Violence Exhibition


Gallery 1 + 2

Violence is on its way, the violence of artistic truth that is! The Melbourne Underground Film Festival, this year, has incorporated a visual arts component, and this year’s theme is violence.   The MUFF Kunst! violence exhibition is a group exhibition of selected artists, both established and emerging.

The works in the exhibition include photography, installation, painting, sculpture, new media and drawing.   It is a diverse range of works which explore all aspects of violence.   Kristen Condon, Co-curator said “ we are really pleased with the selection made… it offers so many different views on violence.  Many of the works are disturbing and some are very confronting.”

The feature image for the exhibition is a a self-portrait by the deceased serial killer John Wayne Gacy.   It shows Gacy dressed as his famous alter ego Pogo the Clown. Gacy used to dress as Pogo for children’s parties and other community events, surviving victims have said that he sometimes dressed as the clown when he killed. The Gacy painting provides a disturbing centrepiece to the MUFF Kunst! Violence exhibition.

The work of the following artists has been selected to be shown as part of the Muff Kunst Violence exhibition: Olivia Dowling, Tash Murray, Margaret Mariah Tubbs, Angela Buckingham, Alicja Kuznycz, David Guarino, Robert Jade Hamilton, Julie Vinci, Tom Norton, Dennis Ropar, CJ Grove, (late) [ant mrav], Chris Roth, Kiera Brown, Remo Camerota, Neil Pinnick, Jason Beale, Miles Allinson, Robert Finder, Jodie Ann Candy, Jenna Corcoran, Grazia Marin, Cristina Townsend, Joanne Ryan and Josie Wadelton.

The judges for this year’s exhibition are Gina Garan, Gemma Jones and Sue Dodd.

Co-curators are Kristen Condon and Lynsey Hagen