7 July – 25 July 2004: Leigh Woodburgess – 4 Sail, Sold


Gallery 1

Leigh Woodburgess’ mixed media drawings are tangents of beautiful organic shapes and collage.   Through layering of different media, he integrates these elements to illustrate ambient, uninhibited images.

Woodburgess is inspired by the beauty of the people and environment around him. Having worked as a visual artist for a number of years, he has developed his own unique style.  Integrating linework with collage, his works are heavily layered, incorporating many media, such as pen, ink, pencil,paper and screenprinting.

“…using a variety of materials helps me to keep the ideas flowing without being restricted by boundaries.  Although I strive to convey feelings, I don’t have any preconceived subject matter in mind when I start.”

His talent for communicating subtle variations of emotions in his work is evident in these bold images which are alive and expressive.   Influenced by Marcel Duchamp and Egon Schiele, Woodburgess’ work is conceptual based, but is balanced by aesthetic principles.