7 February – 25 February 2006: Jane Gollan


Gallery 3

Jane Gollan has glimpsed the everyday object and shifted it seamlessly onto the surface of the canvas.  The result is a quiet collection of paintings, unobtrusive, yet grand in scale.

The smooth and layered application of oil paint allows the work to mimic her initial scan of the source material. Gollan extracts the essence of an object, its patterns, reflections and depth. The resulting image seem to ‘appear’ without obvious reference to mark making. Untitled moodily shifts with shadow and form, alluding to a cinematic sense of movement and change.

The large scale works encourage a personal response from the viewer.  The silent depths of the illusionary surface echo light and subtle movement.  No questions are left unanswered, Untitled is a complete experience.

Jane Gollan is a Melbourne based artist.  She graduated from RMIT in 2000 and has exhibited in Victoria and Queensland.