7 February – 25 February 2006: Georgia Metaxas – No Limits – A Daily Ritual with Helen Sullivan: 9.30am Mon – Sun, 2005


Gallery 2

No Limits is collection of 7 life size photographs of Helen Sullivan. Georgia Metaxas documented the appearance of Helen Sullivan for one week. The result is an honest exploration of the human condition. Metaxas examines the question of visual representation as it relates to personal identity. Metaxas’ work tests the boundaries and purpose of the documentary concept.

Metaxas met Helen Sullivan during the ‘No Limits’ program at St. Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy. Helen is a writer, and experiences mental health issues on a day to day basis. The essence of Helen is captured in her garden oasis.  She asked to be photographed at 9.30am, the series began on a Monday and continued, at the same time, every day for a week.

At first glance the images appear similar to each other. However on closer inspection the complexity of Helen’s nature and the poignancy of the series becomes apparent.

Georgia Metaxas is a Melbourne based freelance social documentary photographer. No Limits is the first series in her ambitious long term project highlighting the human condition.