7 February – 25 February 2006: Alizon Gray


Gallery 1

Untitled is a flirtation with abstract expressionism.  Alizon Gray’s large scale paintings are a celebration of colour.  The repetitive layering of enamel paint builds to a rich and lustrous surface.The result is an unfathomable depth and palpable silence. Minimal mark makings on the surface ornament the canvas. Bold reds and wafts of green streak and scratch at the surface.

Gray’s visually seductive paintings are not a quest for representational truth but are rather a collection of ideas in constant flux. They are an abstraction of beauty with a Japanese aesthetic concern.  The viewer is left looking into, through and beyond the canvas into an imagined scape.

Alizon Gray has just completed an Honours degree in painting from the Victorian College of the Arts.  This is her first solo exhibition.