6 September – 24 September 2005: Naomi Sunner – Code Purple


Gallery 2

Naomie Sunner’s multi faceted self-portraits are a result of her 12 month residency at St Vincent’s Hospital. Through her digitally manipulated photographs she assumes the roles of Nurse, Doctor, Patient and Nun.  The resulting scenes explore relationships and power dynamics, perception of bodies and sexuality.  They also explore the fear of medical intervention, and the control that the medical profession can assume over a person’s body, in particular over women’s bodies.

St Vincent’s Hospital was a training college for thousands of nurses from the 1900’s to 1970’s.  The residency became an ideal setting in which Sunner could explore the power relationships between women.  The stories of compliance, obedience and rebellion amongst the nurses and their constraining conditions, underpin much of Sunner’s manipulation of the gendered gaze.