6 May – 23 May 2009: Alyson Aitken – Don’t Leave Home If You Don’t Have To


Gallery 3

Aitken’s ‘imaginary friends’ are inhabitants of a fabricated world; a landscape crafted from twilight spaces, cobbled together with bits and pieces of reality. Her hybrid sculptures inhabit the gallery like creatures from another dimension, recalling visions of things only half-glimpsed.

Don’t Leave Home if You Don’t Have To offers a contemporary perspective on our relationship to ‘the world outside’. As Aitken has noted, ‘much of contemporary life takes place in interior spaces. The ‘outside world’ is often experienced through a window or a screen or through bars – engagement is vicarious and safe.’

In this exhibition, Aitken’s creatures have slipped through the safety nets to arrive at an in-between zone. With their mongrel, chimera-like forms, her works question our desire to consume the wilderness around us from the safety of familiar shores.