6 March – 24 March 2007: Tom Phillips – Lost in the Suburbs


Gallery 1

Tom Phillips is a figurative artist who deals with social realism in an expressionist style. The heavy, deliberate brushstrokes reinforce the emotive weight of the works; the depiction of usually young males who are battling low self-esteem and self-destructive behaviors.

‘What are you looking at?’ screams menacingly out of every bloodless canvas. Each suburban bulk is determined to create a great distance from the viewer, in order to remain in their existing world; the perfect alien.

The exhibition focuses on people with family histories of unemployment, alcoholism, drug dependency and imprisonment. Within this landscape, a stiff, insular world is revealed; one in which Phillips draws on from first hand experience.

Tom Phillips is an Adelaide based artist. He has exhibited in New Zealand and Tasmania and extensively in South Australia. This is Phillips’ first solo exhibition in Melbourne.