6 March – 24 March 2007: Priscilla Kwok – Connect


Gallery 2

Connect explores the relationship between the traditional notion of the ‘study’ and what is considered as the final outcome. Priscilla Kwok’s water colours on canvas hang as the final outcome to an exploratory process.

The subject of each image is secondary to the act of image making itself. Banal subject matters such as digital cables from electrical equipment are the basis for her investigation into the act of painting.  Each delicate form that merges and reconnects is the outcome of aesthetic decisions and problem solving akin to unravelling a large knotted bundle of twine.

Through these watercolour paintings and studies, Priscilla invites the viewer to reconsider the use and meaning of watercolour in contemporary art, as well as to gain another perspective on the practice and process of painting.

Priscilla Kwok is currently completing her MFA at RMIT.