6 February – 23 February 2008: Robyn Base – Ice, Ice, Baby


Gallery 3

This series of paintings by Robyn Base is a result of a trip made to Antartica in early 2007.  Using a reduced palette, the icebergs are painted with an observational severity, depicting a silence and solitude experienced not so much within a landscape genre but more as portraits, or still life.

There is a strange visceral quality, like teeth and bones, or an almost ‘meatiness’ to some of the works.  Rather than negating the ephemeral qualities of ice, this observation highlights the parallels between the transience of both ice and flesh.  The body too, is subject to change and time-based transformations.

Ghostly and otherworldly, Base’s icebergs float within their dark canvases, inbued with a temporal sense of waiting and watching.

Robyn Base recently completed her Master of Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts.