6 February – 23 February 2008: Matthew On – The End Begins


Gallery 1

Matthew On’s latest series of works focuses on the view of the city via the eye of a surveillance camera.  With an interest in the aesthetics inherent in a surveillance camera image, the artist also explores the connotations of fear and security.

Aesthetically, the muted tonal quality of the surveillance camera is very attractive to me. Its ambiguous nature, the pixilation of small detail actually leaves what is meant to be ‘an accurate record of time’ strangely open to fantasy and a person’s imagination.”

Of particular concern to the artist is the idea of pre-empting danger; the need to invade another person’s space to secure one owns safety; and how observation is altered by a mechanical eye that carries a notion of fear.

Matthew On is an emerging artist based in Sydney. After completing a degree in painting/drawing at the College of Fine Arts, he has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.