5 September – 23 September 2006: Pamela Rataj + Scott Connell – Without Subtitles

Gallery 1

Connell has developed an eclectic body of visual poetry through the process of automated collage. Redolent of the surrealist automated writing, Connell has allowed the mind to wonder furtively in the absence of critical intervention.

By pulling literary fragments and pictorial images from their original context Connell has developed a body of work that is liberated from both time and place. Snippets of conversation and prose play with shadows, objects and structure.


Scott Connell

Rataj’s seven intimate sculptures and works on paper conclude Without Subtitles. Her work is an investigation into the surface of the body.  The skin is a multilayered, multipurpose organ than delineates the boundary between the outside and in.

Embedded into the quiet work is the notion of the skin’s fragility. Our subsequent upholstering of its surface gently shields the skin from external factors. Consequently the clothing of the exterior can also protect the outside, from the turmoil of what lies beneath the skin.

Rataj graduated from the sculpture department at the Victorian College of the arts in 2002. Connell holds a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Physics and he currently lectures in Melbourne.


Pamela Rataj