5 May – 23 May 2004: Lucy Oates – Strange Company


Gallery 3

Strange Company is a chance for viewers to take a longer look at the company they travel with on the trams and trains of Melbourne, that is, without getting a punch in the nose.

Young Melbourne based artist, Lucy Oates, continues to pursue her interest in how we behave on public transport.  “Public etiquette in Melbourne means you can’t stare, you avoid those around you, you pretend, politely, that stranger’s elbow isn’t pressing into your ear.”

These large, up-close, charcoal drawings of figures reveal the extraordinary patience, tolerance, sharing, and simple pleasures that occur in this everyday environment.    This exhibition, inspired by Oates’ daily travels in this city and the experiences of fellow commuters, intends to get people thinking about how they share and behave in this public space together, the good and the bad.