5 July – 23 July 2005: Petra Nevistic – Rival Archival


Gallery 2

Rival Archival consists of works on paper that explore relationships between words and images. Intimate in scale, the paintings, drawings, books and paper sculptures in the show incorporate text and painted image.

The text is based on a collection of words that the artist began about six years ago.  It started with the artist collecting fragments of conversations on trains which later lead to borrowing short lines of text from encyclopedias and other non-fiction material. On the basis of this, now extensive word collection, Petra has assembled relationships between found images and her collected words to produce a series of poetic documents that waver between the expected and the uncanny.


Petra Nevistic graduated from RMIT with first class honours in 2002 and she was a finalist for the 2004 Fleming Muntz Albury Art Prize.