4 May – 21 May 2011: Norma McGowan – Thievery Inc.


Gallery 3

Ravens hold a special place in my memories of my childhood in Scotland. These sociable birds are clever and inventive. They are attracted to shiny objects which they will steal with a flutter of wings and calls of glee. The egg is an ideal object to attract their attention and tempt them into an act of thievery.  My paintings aim to show the movement and mischief of these intelligent birds.

–  Norma McGowan

Norma McGowan commenced her study of art in 2005 at RMIT University, undertaking a Diploma in Visual Arts, followed by a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. In 2009 she completed a Master of Fine Arts at RMIT. She has exhibited regularly in the last six years. This is Norma’s first exhibition at red gallery.