4 March – 21 March 2009: Julie Stephenson – Beneath and Beyond


Gallery 1

“Our Universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of other bubbles” Michio Kaku – Physicist, City University of New York. 

Boundaries between science, art and philosophy are merged in this body of work. These photographs represent elements of scientific theories on the origins of the universe, in particular the String Theory and Multiverse Theory, and elements portrayed through the use of the bubble as an allegory for the impermanence of life by some of the 16th Century Dutch painters.

Historical evidence from early primitive art has indicated that man has always been concerned with a quest for understanding the origin of the Universe, and presently there is huge investment and interest in the Hadron Collider, which hopes to uncover some of the mysteries of origin, time and space. I have presented these mysteries in a visual way through my photographs, and present the viewer with images which challenge our perception of our place in the Universe.  

Julie has included in this exhibition her artist books, which bring a more tactile, intimate expression of her photography. The structural element of these books represents the interrelationship between scientific theories of parallel universes and philosophical and theological expressions from some of our great philosophers. Julie has included poetry and words from Michio Kaku, Lord Byron and Rumi as text in these sculptural artist books.

All photographs in this exhibition have been printed by the artist.

red gallery is delighted to be showing this work in Melbourne following Julie’s recent successful and much acclaimed exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane.