4 July – 22 July 2006: Paul Ruiz – Linger

Eurhythmy No 2

Gallery 3

With advances in technology, society and our daily interactions have become increasingly artificial. Through various modes of telecommunications one can participate in the community all day without the need to actually see or touch another being.

Despite the ‘virtual’ environment in which we play and communicate, there still exists a distinction between our private and public personae.

Paul Ruiz is interested in the difference between the public and private. The raw material for his work is physical presence, and the memory of human gesture and glance through which to imagine an ‘inner’ life that lingers behind the flux of the everyday ‘public’ life.

Through the conduits of body and paint, Ruiz affirms the dignity of the private life we all lead; a parallel life which through our bodies are sometimes rendered so vulnerable and public.  For the artist, this contrast between the privately observed world and the public display of its output, often mirrors the uncertainty, tension and ambiguity of the painting process itself.

Born in 1972, Ruiz studied Visual Arts at Melbourne University under artists David Thomas, Claire Day, John Neeson and Godwin Bradbeer. This will be Ruiz’s second solo exhibition at red gallery after his near sell out show in 2005.

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