4 July – 22 July 2006: Judy Oakenfull – Unrenovation


Gallery 2

Space in the inner city is commonly viewed in terms of its financial value. The aim is to redevelop or renovate with minimum input to maximize output. Make it shiny, tall and appealing. Make it appear spacious yet be compact, make it fresh, light and airy. Take this old structure and make it New. It’s the age of Backyard Blitz and DIY classes at Bunnings. The only question is renovate or detonate?

Judy Oakenfull offers an alternate answer. Unrenovate. Through a series of mixed media works on paper Oakenfull has captured the spaces that are destined for redevelopment. Oakenfull has preserved the crumbling brickwork, delicately chipped and cracked tiles, deteriorating concrete and fading paint work. The result is an exhibition of subtle and muted tones that can’t be found on the Dulux colour chart. Each deteriorating space is a tome of untold history where a space is accepted for what it is, rather than what it could be.

Oakenfull graduated with a Batchelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts. She has exhibited in Melbourne and Tokyo. This is her first solo exhibition at red gallery.