4 July – 22 July 2006: Jarrad Stevenson – Line


Gallery 1

Line is an exploration of the European relationship with the natural environment. Stevenson draws his inspiration from Australian history, particularly that which relates to the geography and rural culture of his birthplace in the New England highlands.

Through his unique study of the local flora, Stevenson has become a post colonial Joseph Banks. The resulting body of work tells more about the culture of the creator than the original source.  Line redefines the rules of botanical nomenclature through his free form bronze sculptures. The chosen medium of cast bronze mimics the period in question, highlighting firm beliefs and antiquated ethics.

Line is a quiet exhibition of perceptive works. Stevenson has immaculately edited the work, casting aside all excess information and leaving the viewer with a series of three fundamental forms. The result is a subtle reminder of the roots of white Australia.

Jarrad Stevenson graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001. He currently works at the Bill Perrin Foundry. This is his first solo exhibition at red gallery.