4 December – 22 December 2007: Nicholas Kallincos – Exploratorium

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How is one truth measured against another? How is meaning uncovered from the morass of syntax constantly flooding through our field of view?  Exploratorium researches the notion that we are all scientists. Investigations are based upon lived experience where the hypothesis is altered as we move along in post-quantum space and time.

Nicholas Kallincos’ mind is a finely tuned microscope used to explore the human existence through the painted canvas. His body of work concerns explorations into a contemplative versus an empirical science of mind. Kallincos has captured the dramatic and ludicrous nature of existence into a finite canvas while still managing to incorporate all the loose bits that hang off edge.

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Nicholas Kallincos has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Adelaide. He is also a writer, director and animator. His short animated films have been shown worldwide at innumerable film festivals. Most recently his work has been featured in South Korea, Estonia, Chicago, Germany and Brazil.