4 – 21 February 2015: Anni Ruuskanen & Courtney Price – False Perceptions



In False Perceptions Anni Ruuskanen and Courtney Price explore the mind’s ability to distort experience, memory and perception over time.  Both artists investigate the line between imagination and reality, Price in her use of the mirror to create the false spaces of memory and Ruuskanen in the contrast she creates between the material nature of sculpture and the immaterial, imagined nature of drawing.

Working with a range of graphite pencils to create high contrast drawings on paper Price investigates the strange and often false spaces that are created in our memories with the passing of time. She is interested in mirrors and the way that their reflections can become warped and distorted just as memory can become warped and distorted when reflecting on our past. Price uses interior spaces that have been a part of her life for a long time to represent the changes that occur in her perception of the space over time– the room remains unchanged yet her perception of that space alters. She forces the viewer to question the reality of these spaces within her drawings in their inability to discern what is real and which is the false reflection.

This idea of the falsity of perception continues into Ruuskanen’s work in the contrast between her depictions of the brick – the perfect, idealized, impenetrable brick of her drawing versus the imperfect, hollow, fragile brick of her sculptural piece. She suggests the illusory nature of the mind through this contrast of the clean, clinical, unreachable drawing against the physical, real nature of the sculpture. Ruuskanen in this manner explores the idea of perceived barriers, debilitating thoughts and fears which when brought into reality and into the three-dimensional world cannot hold to their forms.