31 July – 18 August 2007: Richard Harding – Scope3


Gallery 1

To scope3 is, “to look at or examine something”. Richard Harding’s installation incorporates mirrors, text and traditional printmaking techniques to establish a dialogue between common codes and symbols. Harding constructs an internal space that mimics the disquiet beyond the gallery walls.

The codes used in scope3 are built from the vocabulary of binary. On. Off. Yes. No. 1. 0. The text uses word associations and double entendre to construct narratives from newspaper headlines. The symbols are presented like a visual charade to be decoded and recoded.


The work fractures the viewer while incorporating them into the work. To negotiate the gallery the viewer must pass through the space, decoding the installation. Scope3 asks questions of how we view ourselves, others and the scanable environment.

Richard Harding is a lecturer at RMIT University, School of Art. He has exhibited extensively in Melbourne.