30 September – 17 October 2009: Jane Poynter + Christine Wood – One Place: Two Views

Poynter and Wood 2009

Gallery 1

What makes a place meaningful, and what does ‘place-making’ involve? This exhibition takes the form of a photographic dialogue between two artists working with ideas of urban space and placement.

For the past few months, Jane and Christine have embarked on numerous  exploratory journeys around the streets of their local neighbourhood, North Melbourne. First scouting out  locations of personal significance, the artists then travelled separately to these areas to capture images of the surrounding environment. As they explain, ‘We both work from home, have family who live in the area, shop locally, and frequent the same dentist, doctor and coffee shops. We avoid leaving our space if possible and we often don’t leave for days on end. And although our paths cross daily, we only meet occasionally by chance and more often by arrangement. For this project we set out to explore our local environment separately to create a personal record and then bring our different views together in a single picture frame.’Like a renegade cartography, One Place: Two Views maps different interpretations of place within the same visual plane.

Jane Poynter and Christine Wood are photographers based in North Melbourne. They have both been regularly exhibiting  for over a decade, and have previously collaborated on several exhibitions.