30 September – 17 October 2009: Boyd Hughes – Salvage

boyd hughes 2009

Gallery 3

Boyd Hughes makes abstract sculptural constructions using found and salvaged  materials including scrap metal, plastic, copper wiring and power cords. Some are fitted with lighting elements to create glowing contortions silhouetted in space; others are free-standing or wall-mounted and feature highly textured oxidised surfaces.

Boyd’s interest lies in diverting the normative use of  materials found throughout the industrial realm. Salvage is an exhibition on a rescue-mission. Each work incorporates tactics of recycling and repurposing as a means to revitalise abandoned goods and to shift established meanings. The sculptural forms evolve from an eclectic fusion of media, showcasing beauty in the discarded while exuding a playful humour.

Light Serpent

Boyd Hughes’ background is in industrial design. He works as an electrician by day and as an artist around the clock. He is currently in his second semester of Studio Art at Latrobe College of Art and Design. Salvage is his first solo exhibition.