30 November – 17 December 2011: 2011 RMIT Printmaking Graduate Exhibition


Carolyn Hawkins

The 2011 RMIT Printmaking Graduate Exhibition RESOLVE talks to multiple elements that make up the nature of an individual artistic endeavour. The many mediums and techniques that assemble under the banner of printmaking itself have been explored to delivers a diverse array of print based art works. This year the graduating group present a sophisticated and thought provoking body of work that will transport the viewer to other worlds and revisit difficult subjects through informed and aesthetic research.


Lorraine McInnes

Participating Artists

Lisa Emmett

Jason Fujiwara

Carolyn Hawkins

Emma Hensler

Keira Hudson

Kate Kirkland

Lorraine McInnes

Cameron Richard

Yuho Imura

Pam Jackson

Brooke Waldvogel

Caroline Askew

Mona Atencio


Pam Jackson


Cameron Richards