30 July – 16 August 2008: Anne Hastie – Made in China


The works presented in this exhibition are the result of Hastie’s second residency program in Beijing with Red Gate Gallery.

The paintings reflect specific responses to being in Beijing in the depths of winter, while the city underwent major transformations in preparation for the August 2008 Olympics. Through her paintings Hastie explores the dynamism of Beijing; its many textures, its order and chaos, and the multitude of colours present in the city- from washed out winter, to the bright lights and strong hues present in the urban environment and clothing of the people.

On a formalist level Hastie explores the nature of paint itself within a type of lyrical abstraction, often using an aerial perspective that reflects her stance as an observer. There are a number of innovative features in these works including interplay between paint and Chinese inks, the use of intricate layering and the incorporation of photographs into paintings.

Hastie holds a Masters of Fine Art from RMIT and is represented in Australian and New Zealand collections. Made in China has been financially supported by the Australia China Council.