3 March – 21 March 2004: Roy Ananda, Duann Scott + Naomi Williamson



Gallery 2

Hummings, a sculptural sound installation,  is the result of a project started in early 2003 by Roy Ananda, Duann Scott and Naomi Williamson.  With an extensive background in collaboration with musicians and performers, these three artists are continuing their engagement with illustration of sound.  Responding to current sound installation practices, they have produced a body of work that manufactures its own sound.

Roy’s electric monolith physically scratches and drones becoming a drawing machine as it leaves a residue of plaster on the gallery floor. The work continues Roy’s concerns with the physicality of drawing, and emphasizes the act of drawing and making marks.

Duann’s electric sanders poke fun at the personality of the machine and it’s idiosyncrasies. Using his background in electronic sound production, Duann has pared his work back to simply state the ownership the machine has of it’s uncomfortable vibrating tendencies.

Naomi aims to capture notions of a desire to fabricate the sentimental. Her bamboo blowing in the breeze follows continuous visual research into the celebration of a theoretical human insecurity regarding the need for meaning.

Hummings draws from concepts of mark making, hyper reality, and glorification of the mundane. These pieces are a celebration of the theatricality of acoustic vibration.