3 March – 21 March 2004: James Tapscott – Hollywar


Gallery 3

James Tapscott has created a showcase of paintings that are both political and personal with a touch of irony.

The work deals with ideas regarding the media, and how oppressive governments use it as propaganda in both hemispheres, negating the idea of democracy and free-thought. Combining sexy, Hollywood-like imagery with that which is more recognizably associated with oppression, James’ paintings attempt to provoke inquiry into the concept of righteousness, both externally and internally. Challenging the the viewer to question not only the world around them but also the world within… Are their beliefs really their own?

Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state. –Chomsky

On a technical level, James attempts to combine the physical aesthetic of paint, as a substance, with a sharp and stimulating level of realism, creating a balance that keeps the viewer looking long enough to think about the meaning of the work.   The show closes with a poignant reminder of the only real innocence in the world, that of children, and how fragile and fleeting that innocence is.

Originally from Perth, this is James Tapscott’s first Melbourne solo exhibition.