3 March – 21 March 2004: Andrea Jolley + Heide McKinnon – Paper Girls


Gallery 1

PAPER GIRLS  is an exhibition of works on paper based on a playful exploration of contemporary social commentary from the perspective of the outcast/loner geek girl.

Andrea Jolley and Heide McKinnon are two young Melbourne based artists.  Recently graduated from art school, they are influenced by late 70’s, early 80’s blatant pop culture.  Album covers, comics, TV, advertising, film and magazines, all feed into the frenzy of ‘toon-style work that has been produced.

Their ‘take’ on  isolation, innocence, fun, violation, debauchery, disappointment, glamour, aggression, femininity and frustration has resulted in a body of work that is fresh, urgent, cute and often grotesque.   It’s perverted girly pop at the extreme.