3 December – 20 December 2008: Irene Wellm – Dämmerung


Gallery 3

These large scale paintings by Irene Wellm are an exploration of the mirrored self, a meeting at the cusp of day (consciousness) and of night (the unconscious).

The title of this show, ‘Dämmerung’, means ‘twilight’ in German, and describes “a change of light, a transition period, a light containing both day and night”.

Irene Wellm uses family photographs and found images to set the stage, she then begins to re-imagine the narrative into a personal allegory through the materiality of paint.

Her interest lies in the contrast of the painted surface, in its layers that reflect light, and the reduction of information from the original image when it is transposed.

Her dreamlike, sometimes haunting images will intrigue and reach beyond the personal toward the collective stream.

Irene Wellm resides and works in Melbourne where in 2001 she completed a Master of Fine Art.