29 May – 16 June 2007: Ultimate Tool – The One-Stop Shop for Alpha Men


Gallery 1

Ultimate Tool: The one-stop shop for Alpha Men is an irreverent investigation of male archetypes. Nestled amongst the products in a mock hardware store, the works by Justine Barlow, Ben Ernst, Andy Hutson, Alister Karl, Ben Rowett and Strafe interrogate the contrived, performative nature of gender, and the notion of the unchanging, ultimate male ideal. Utilising photography, sculpture, drawing, painting and installation, these young artists address the implications of this concept, whilst also referencing the branding of the exhibition space. They have employed brash imagery and symbols to contribute to both a single installation, and a group exhibition that is one part parody and two parts pastiche.

Participating artists

Alister Karl

Andy Hutson

Ben Ernst

Ben Rowett

Justine Barlow


Curated by Susannah Garden

Exhibition design by Adam Paikos and Susannah Garden