29 July – 15 August 2009: Tania Virgona – The Comfort of Being Solid

Growing Comfort Tania Virgona

Gallery 3

Tania Virgona’s new works explore ideas of the ‘known’ and ‘the solid’ in times of uncertainty. Constructed primarily from red woollen blankets, Virgona’s  wall-mounted compositions initially call up associations of warmth, security and comfort. Simultaneously, however, Virgona introduces an element of doubt into these images,  as the shapes of the material appear also as silhouettes or shadows suspended in negative space.

The Comfort of Being Solid continues Virgona’s investigation into notions of duality and the interconnections  between related yet distinct forms.  In Virgona’s words,  these images ‘look to explore the inner reality of being as a solid and an accountable experience. Here the inner and outer meet in the world of solid forms, a step into the world of recognisable matter.’

Tania Virgona is a visual artist who works across the fields of sculpture, site-specific installation, drawing and public art. She has held numerous group and solo exhibitions, and her works are held in several public and private collections in Australia.