29 July – 15 August 2009: Libby Letcher – The Goddess, The Sentinel and the Lady

Libby Letcher Goddess

Gallery 2

This exhibition of recent etchings, drawings, lino prints and lithographs revolves around three archetypal characters: the Goddess, the Sentinel, and the Lady. Symbols of myth,  longing and protection, for Libby Letcher these figures are also vehicles for thinking through the processes of lived experiences and the patterns that emerge.

As Letcher notes, the works aim to question how  ‘culture,  driven by forces of desire and reiterated habits, extracts from the amorphous mass of cosmic energy  the objects to satisfy.’   Featuring bold line work and striking textures, Letcher’s  compositions present poetic allegories on the nature of contemporary desire.

Libby Letcher has been regularly exhibiting in Australia for over a decade. This is her second exhibition at red gallery.