28 September – 15 October 2011: Geraldine Berkemeier + Gary Shinfield – Shifting Ground


Gallery 2

Shifting Ground is an exhibition by Geraldine Berkemeier and Gary Shinfield consisting of four large-scale collaborative works and several individual works from each artist.

After several journeys taken along the Hunter River in NSW, the collaborative works in this show are a direct response to the landscapes of that area and journeys taken by both artists. They explore in particular a search for the source of the river which took the artists through National Park land, on farm properties and into unknown territory. The images made are an eclectic visual record of memories and moments experienced along the way. Referencing the natural beauty of this area these works also reference environmental issues including encroachment from mining activities, and new housing developments.

Employing various printmaking media these works use waterless lithography by Geraldine and woodcuts from Gary which are then printed on various hand made Chinese papers.

“Such references encourage us to re evaluate our presence in such a landscape, and to consider our complex relationship with our ancient land.

It remains our responsibility to bridge between our actions and their consequences”.

Geraldine Berkemeier

“Placing oneself at a specific site within the landscape, as a way of researching imagery, enables layers of meaning, both representational and poetic, to be revealed in the making”.

Gary Shinfield