28 September – 15 October 2011: Eloise Linklater – Origins


Gallery 3

The point in which something comes into existence is described as the origin.

This body of work investigates a fascination with life’s origins, the point of creation and how things come “to be”. The natural progression of these ideas has lead to a multitude of ideas and research into a range of theories from the big bang to Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

The journey has been inspired by various areas of study such as biology, astronomy, mythology, cosmology. Cartography have also played a role in shaping the direction of the work as it strives to make visual and conceptual links between macro and micro.

With an emphasis on abstraction and organic form, the work also considers the relationship between art and science. Stylistically, the work engages in a wide range of possibilities offered through the printmaking medium from traditional methods such as etching to contemporary modes of digital printing. Scale, variation and multiple imagery have been continually embraced.

“The process of making the work and the research into the complex structures and cycles that govern existence has been an enriching experience to say the least. Is has enabled me to better understand and question the world in which we live, where we have come from and appreciate the fragility of life itself”.