28 November – 16 December 2006: Liesl Pfeffer – Unravelling


Gallery 1

Unravelling explores the spaces and intersections between three different artistic media. Liesl Pfeffer’s large scale photographic prints have the edges of an etching, the expression of painting and the gloss of photography.

Pfeffer has abandoned the traditional notion of photography and developed a body of photographs without a camera or negative. Each image is made by enlarging small squares of polaroid film that have been fastidiously etched into with a scalpel. The result is an emotive, gestural and expressive body of work.

Through this cutting and developing process Pfeffer has created her own visual language where the works are rich, visually dense and saturated with colour.

Liesl Pfeffer recently graduated from the Queensland College of the Arts. This is her first solo exhibition in Melbourne.