28 November – 16 December 2006: Inger Morrissey – Curio


Gallery 2

The 17th century practice of collecting was fueled by our fascination for the different, the unknown and the curious. This fascination for ‘the odd’ formed the foundation of museum tradition – the collection of unusual objects. Curio delves into the world of the antediluvian collector.

The medium scale works are painted and etched with bitumen on board. The result is a sepia syrup surface that self luminates in its inherent gloss.

Curious forms pass through the image. Contour lines mark mathematical forms next to alien organic structures. The surface of the work appears antiquated, these odd forms may have been sealed in bitumen for aeons.

By employing Surrealist techniques, Inger Morrissey’s work fuses a connection between the practices of 17th century museum collection and the modern knowledge of scientific structures.

Morrissey graduated from RMIT in 2004. This is her fifth solo exhibition in Melbourne.