28 July – 15 August 2004: Suzanne Hutton – Altered States


Gallery 3

‘Altered States’ is an exploration of process and change. Suzanne Hutton continues her investigation into psychological and emotional environments and the effect that they have on shaping and creating our personas.

Using nature as a point of reference, Hutton examines the connections between the physical and the psychological. “I find myself drawn to nature, particularly geology and science. Nature provides many examples of the ‘process of change’ through time and environmental elements.  Science can be used to manipulate and bring about changes, both positive and negative, on these environments.”

Hutton’s printmaking skills are evident in this body of work. Limiting her ink palate, Hutton’s prints are reminiscent of the layers of history exposed during a geological excavation. “This work is a visual documentary of my own personal journey through the subject of change through environment and process.” The plates are evidence of the altered surface and the prints are like impressions left behind, recording their history.