28 July – 15 August 2004: Laetitia Shand – Home Brand


Gallery 1

“Soft Rolf”… is the title of one of Laetitia Shand’s paintings. 

In a culture saturated by the media and marketing, celebrities often try to beef-up thin public identities with appearances at events or in the gossip pages.  In the same way, advertisers attempt to make quotidian products more interesting by associating them with something, or someone, more interesting or attractive.

Laetitia Shand, a young Melbourne based artist, is interested in the how B-list celebrities endorse everyday products, and how their public personas become mingled and mixed with the products they promote.  “I’m curious about how our own identities get tangled up in the collective memories of advertisements.”

Shand’s investigations have resulted in a number of large acrylic paintings, including one of Rolf Harris.  She has taken a playful approach to the issue and the result is a body of work which is both funny and disturbing.