28 July – 15 August 2004: Emily Ferretti – Sneaker Glimpse


Gallery 2

On or off… with sneakers, undies and a sock.

A ‘glimpse’…  ’sneaking a look’… and ‘taking a peak’ are all notions referencing the theme of dressing and undressing.

Every morning we get changed … put on… pull off… button and zip.  Fundamentally creating our own identity through the process.  These fleeting moments are intimate and personal, merging halfway points between on and off, up and down, sexy and unsexy… focusing on where skin meets clothing.

Through large figurative paintings, Emily Ferretti has captured a personal moment.  Using flat colour, staining and line drawing, her work is suggestive of flesh.  By working up focal points in more detail, and incorporating pinks and greys, Ferretti references femininity and adolescence.

“In creating these paintings, I have tried to make a private moment public, using the audience as vouyers.”