28 February – 18 March 2006: Bundit Puangthong – Second Step


Gallery 2

Bundit Puangthong’s work is an amalgamation of his traditional Thai art training and his western based art practice.

Having recently completed a Masters Degree in Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, Puangthong has been able to explore, in depth, the cultural differences between Thailand and Australia, particularly in relation to the notion of art training and its perceived status.

These paintings explore, with humour and sensitivity, the cultural differences experienced by Puangthong since his arrival to Australia in 2001.   Using a range of techniques from stencils to detailed brushwork highlights his talent as a painter.  His evocative use of colour, text and traditional Thai iconography reveal Puangthong as a keen observer with sharp wit.

Pulsating with colour and energy, Puangthong’s work celebrates and expands the rich cross cultural dialogue present in Melbourne’s contemporary identity.