27 April – 14 May: Garth Henderson – constructive_botanics/banksia/[algorithmic_flora]


Garth Henderson is an artist concerned with the evolutionary, cultural, mathematical and visual significance of plants. As an occupational horticulturist and photographer growing up in South Western Australia, Garth had a keen visual interest in elements of the local Banksia population. Their family name – Proteaceae – comes from the Greek god Proteus, who was able to change between many forms. Extreme environmental change – such as fire or human invasion – transmute, evolve and enhance the structure of living things. This process of evolutionary biology is adaptive radiation.

Constructive_botanics/banksia/[algorithmic_flora] is the artists’ exhibition of giclee prints, in which 3D modelling renders the sculptural components of our hardiest environmental survivors. His deftly-worked surface treatments bring light to the botanical structures, and reflect their qualities of adaptation – to the challenges of mankind and the natural elements.