26 March – 12 April 2008: Mel McVeigh – Faux-Real


Gallery 1

“It is all so false, yet so tantalizing. It is not real, yet we easily imagine and desire it to be so. The success of these images lies in creating narratives that have a dual identity – that sit within the realm of commercial photography but also challenge the myths they create.”

– Mel McVeigh.

This series of photographs explores people’s fascination with fame and the concept of the hyper-real against the real.  Ready for conspicuous consumption, the world around us is re-packaged and presented anew: stylish, idealistic and fashionable.

The production aesthetics of advertising and fashion photography underscore the juxtaposition of the ordinary and the extraordinary.  Open for inspection are the exploitation of the average Australian’s suburban existence, the “Australian Dream” of home ownership and more:

“I think there’s something within all of us that longs to be famous or at least aspires to live and act like celebrities”.

Mel McVeigh holds a Masters of Fine Arts (Photomedia) from Monash University and is a successful commercial photographer.